IDG Contributor Network: How can machine learning create features in human-understandable ways?

Without loads of data, we have problems that not even the most intelligent machine learning systems can solve. Simple directions become extremely difficult without a destination. Navigating and processing a healthcare claim is impossible without a payer identified. Finding the best vet for a pet is difficult without knowing the species.Machine learning is about intelligence, but that intelligence requires data. Drug design, ad placement and web searches all can dramatically improve with machine learning agents or intelligent agents that have the ability to adapt and make decisions based on changing environments. This is where we enter the space of agent-based modeling (ABM). The difference between an agent that appears to have humanistic characteristics and an agent that continually runs into the wall, determined to clean that one-inch spot that was missed, is the ability to adapt.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here


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