IDG Contributor Network: How artificial intelligence is shaping online retail in 2017

In just a few years, Artificial intelligence (AI) has successfully maneuvered itself into the daily vernacular of people worldwide. It takes countless shapes and forms, and has altered the way that we view the world and technological possibilities. There’s no way of telling just how much development will take place in the next decade. But, one of the places in which AI has been truly impressive has been the world of online retail. We’ve seen a huge surge of companies using AI to increase their bottom line while providing enriched customer experience. It’s been a win-win situation that continues to gain momentum. Shifting philosophies As if AI hasn’t already altered the way we perceive technology, through the unprecedented advancement of its learning algorithms, it’s also changing conventional (and relatively mundane) activities. For instance, grocery store checkout lines may soon be a thing of the past, if Amazon has its way. These sorts of ideas will change the way we perceive onl


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