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AI and CGI will transform information warfare, boost hoaxes, and escalate revenge porn

Humans can generally trust what they see and hear — but that won t be the case for long. Advances in AI and CGI will soon make it possible for anyone to create photorealistic video and audio. Experts say it will transform information warfare, allowing the creation of sophisticated propaganda and misinformation. The tech s impact will be Continue reading AI and CGI will transform information warfare, boost hoaxes, and escalate revenge porn


How to transform your smartphone into a real-world Star Trek tricorder

When the first flip-top phones appeared in the ‘90s, prompting amazed gasps of, “Hey, this is just like the communicator in Star Trek!” it felt like we were on the cusp of an amazing sci-fi future. These days, however, James T. Kirk’s handy interstellar mobile device looks a bit clunky—and it’s shamefully low on functionality. With no text or web capability, the communicator’s only uses are voice calls and the occasional deployment as a medium-yield timed explosive. To compete with today’s phones we’ll have to turn to another bit of Star Trek equipment: the tricorder. Fans will know the tricorder as the palm-sized (at least by The Next Generation) device filled with enough sensors and computers to scan the surrounding area, allowing its wielder to deliver whatever exposition the Star Trek writers needed the audience to know.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

21 skyscrapers that will transform London’s skyline by 2020

With planning permission being granted for building projects further away from the city s two financial districts, London s skyline is going to transform over the next three years. We listed some of the most striking developments across the city that are set for completion by 2020. While Stratford, Canary Wharf, and Lambeth appear to be the Continue reading 21 skyscrapers that will transform London s skyline by 2020

These ‘vertical forests’ could transform a Brussels wasteland into luxury apartments

Tours and Taxis, a former industrial site in Brussels, sat abandoned for nearly a half-century. Within the last few years, the city has started renovating the existing buildings. If approved by Brussels, a new proposal could turn the entire area into luxury housing, restaurants, shops, office space, and greenhouses. In late 2016, the design firm Vincent Callebaut Continue reading These vertical forests could transform a Brussels wasteland into luxury apartments